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i just told my mom i died at birth and i’ve been a ghost this entire time just growing and manifesting into the daughter she’d lost

and she’s just like

well please go to the light because i am tired of your shit

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“High School Musical" was just the working title for the film while a better name was thought up. However, by the time post-production came, a better name had not been thought of so the producers unwillingly went for "High School Musical”.


Finishing homework at 4am


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Badgley Mischka Ready to Wear S/S 2015.

Looking like Macklemore is not the strangest thing about Caius Veiovis. He has sharpened his tongue, gotten horn implants, and of course as you see, 666 tattooed on his forehead. Why? Because he thinks that he is a satanic vampire. He was convicted of murder of three men back in 2011, but before that he was arrested in Maine for slashing a girl’s back and drinking her blood all while also making out with his girlfriend.


Sonny Graham was dying of heart-failure when he got the call about a new heart. Terry Cottle, a recent suicide victim, was the donor. He had shot himself in the throat with a shotgun. After the successful transplant, Sonny found out about Terry being the donor and starting writing to Cheryl, Terry’s widow. They ended up getting married. People noticed Sonny taking on some of Cottle’s personality and characteristics. He started enjoying things he didn’t before, like beer and hotdogs (which were Cottle’s fav food). It’s not uncommon for this to happen with people that get organ transplants.
12 years later, Sonny killed himself. He took a shotgun to his throat. Cheryl was a widow once again. Two husbands, one heart, one widow. 
It gets weirder….
Even though the GBI (this happened in Vidalia, Ga) marked the case as a “suicide”, they have yet to close the case. Foul play is suspected. The marriage had problems, like Cheryl talked about suicide a lot and when Sonny found her clutcing a gun in the bathroom, he wrestled her. When the rest of the family came running to see what was happening, Cheryl said she was trying to stop Sonny from killing HIMSELF. There was a divorce, a will in which Sonny didn’t leave Cheryl a dime, etc etc. You probably get the picture. Cheryl has 3 other ex husbands who also have gun stories, restraining orders, and more to tell about her.
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I’m no expert on anything but it seems like Cheryl might be a psycho